Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Handpuppet by Sis


“No wonder you’re late, why this watch is exactly two days slow.” — the Mad Hatter,

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Alice  Wonderland Mad Hatter Puppet by Sis is an original one of a kind felt stitched hand puppet from Alice Series created for Art Of Toys Puppet Show gallery window. Puppet is a comfortable lightweight hand puppet that can be used by and adult or child. You will love the small little details from the appliqued striped pants to the tiny shirt buttons! Complete with a top hat that still has the hatter tag on it as in the original drawings! Make a fun decor piece of toy art or a hysterical wine bottle cover for a fun friend or family gift!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland(commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudon Lewis Carroll. It tells of a young girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children. It is considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre. Its narrative course, structure, characters, and imagery have been enormously influential in both popular culture and literature, especially in the fantasy genre. Wikipedia

Approx 15″ h

Sis has been creating toys since she was a child and studied Textiles in school. Learning the craft of the toy maker is a dream that has taken a life time to achieve. The oldest of eight children she has been “Sister” to a wonderful tight knit


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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in


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