Banded Blush Art Marble by Polly Toombs


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Banded Blush art marble by Polly Toombs is a wild mass of pink and white swirls of glass from top and bottom with a dark brown band of colored glass though out the middle creating more than one look. approx 1″

Polly Toombs marble artist

                         Polly Toombs marble artist

I have been very fortunate to learn from leaders in the industry as well as incredible artists I had never heard of before, but will never forget.

I spend most of my time doing torchwork now. It’s the immediate gratification of playing with the glass and the ability to manipulate it that still blows my mind. Marbles, sculptures and, now, working on a glass lathe keep me highly entertained and busy as well.

I do still love making stained glass pieces, and the juxtaposition of light and color  will never become boring to me. I am happy to share my knowledge and spread the joy of glass arts!!!! Polly Toombs

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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