Bloco Darko Dragon


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Bloco Darko Dragon

Bloco Darko Dragon is a new member in our stout-hearted Dragon collection! Build it and it will protect your room at night. Change its appearance as often as you like, and however you please. Clawed hands and fiery tail, or vice versa? Your wish is its command.• 85 pieces • Detailed instructions on box.

I hope you will enjoy assembling this wonderful foam dragon, Darko that is great designed art dragon as well as great fun to create! A dragon’s courage is the stuff of legends for dragons can fly, breathe fire, and fire up your imagination.

My staff fight over who will get to take home the constructed displays after the “Dragon Show” at the gallery each year. The box has ages 5-10 but we have found all ages love the finished dragon as well as the construction of it…go for it!

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