Blue Hydrangea with Heart Opal Marble Art Amy Byrd



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Blue Hydrangea with Heart Opal Marble Art Amy Byrd is a beautiful blue and white flower with a faceted heart shaped opal. You will love this brilliant work of art from a Sacramento California marble artist Amy Byrd. Marble is 1.14″/29mm and comes on a small clear cone stand.

amy byrd marble artist at work

Glass is my meditation and allows a way to rest my mind and find inner peace. There is something I find mesmerizing about using fire to mix the supplies into a magical molten offering that returns to solid once again. My primary work is flamework (also known as lampwork) using borosilicate glass melted by a torch. My current focus is in marbles, but I also create exclusive wearable items and small sculptures.

Flameworking to me has been one of the most constant positives that continues to reward and fascinate me. It has taken me to more places and allowed an opportunity to meet an amazing community full of love and support. The incredible amount of talented artists who inspire me allow me to live a life where many opportunities and dreams can come true.

Glass has allowed me to have a better life, and it’s because of all the love and support I’ve received on this journey from my friends and family.

My goal is to constantly give back to my community in various ways. I often use my art for charity and community involvement while encouraging others to live their dreams and be creative.

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