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Gee Sorry Angel Series 2 Blind Box Designer Toys is an angelic boy having wings on his back who transforms himself with various expressions. Gee loves playing tricks and he says “Sorry” so often, he has become known as Gee Sorry. Gee was born in 2013 as an official parody character of Sonny Angel.Gee are a bit chubbier than Sonny Angel and approx 3.5″ tall

The box has a choking warning and suggests 15 years old which seems a bit overkill to me but the head is easy to remove so that must be it. I just love these little guys and love the idea of a surprise each time! The material is ATBC_PVC and packaged in a cardboard tube. I have been told that a secret note can be placed inside and then shared with a friend!

What is a “Blind Box”?

  • Sonny Angel mini figures are in a blind box, which means you cannot see which character is inside so it is a surprise. Since its release, the variety of Sonny Angel mini figures that have hit the market so far is more than 250! Some of the characters are super rare, and there are also limited collections such as annual Christmas series or Chocolate series. Why don’t you start collecting Sonny Angel mini figures and find your favorite?

 It has 12 Variations + One Secret

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Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in


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