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Vintage Hasbro Playskool

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Glo Skunkbug Friend Vintage Hasbro Playskool toy is one of the Fantasy Glo Friends complete with sleeping bag. “Glo Skunkbug is a real sweet friend. He’s got a nose for trouble. So when you need a friend at night, He’s right there- on the double.”  Made of safe nontoxic material that glows in the dark. This product has never been on toy shelf and has peg tag complete. Model 974/922

The Glo Friends is an American television series that originally aired in 1986 as a segment of My Little Pony ‘n Friends. Produced by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions in collaboration with Toei Animation, the 26 segments of Glo Friends played in rotation as a secondary series, alternating with MoonDreamers and Potato Head Kids.[1] Glow Friends was later broadcast on the (CBN) Family Channel from 1989 to 1995 as part of the My Little Pony rebroadcast.

The television series was preceded by the Glo Friends toyline: small glow-in-the-dark toys in the shape of insects and other small creatures. The toys were adapted from the original Glo Worm introduced in 1982 by the Playskool division of Hasbro

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