Krampus 105 Reusable Stickers Set


Full Color removable stickers!

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Krampus 105 reusable stickers set of rare vintage designs is a treasure trove of RARE and riveting vintage Krampus imagery for mischeif makers of all ages.Shapes includee die-cut figures, circles, rectangles and faces. Each full color sticker looks great on: laptops, MacBooks, phone cases, guitars, drum kits,beds, closet doors, walls, refrigerators and car interiors. Liven up your cards, letters, packages and holiday and birthday gift wrap with Last Gasp’s Krampus stickers. They peel up easily leaving no gooey residue. Over 100 glossy, full color stickers in 26 styles await you inside. Comes in a printed tin box.

Who is Krampus? In Austria and across the German-speaking Alpine region, the demonic character is a crucial part of the holiday season. He’s a devilish figure, with long horns and a goaty beard, much like typical portrayals of Satan. You might see him posed harmlessly on a greeting card or reproduced in chocolates or figurines. But you might also encounter a procession of Krampuses stalking through the town, laden with bells and chains, intimidating onlookers or whipping them with bundles of sticks.


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