Peace Orbacle by Shasta Visions


Peace in 20 languages!

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Peace Orbacle by Shasta Visions is a 1 inch diameter clear crystal sphere with natural earth continents with peace in 20 languages inside.

  • Gaze Into The 1″ Crystal Ball, Discover Peace in 20 Languages, Chosen to Represent As Many People As Possible, and To Graphically Illustrate The Diversity Of Native Scripts In Human Culture

  • Geographically Accurate Full Color Natural Earth Continents In Amazing Detail!

  • More Than 100 Rivers, Forests, Icecaps, Deserts And Shadow Relief Mountain Ranges Are Visible

  • Stainless Steel Base Included

  • Give Someone A World Of Inner Peace!

  • Educational Card Listing All 20 Languages And Gift Box Included

  • Made In The USA

PEACE in 20 languages

PEACE in 20 languages

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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