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Peter Hedgie DanDoll 1982 Denmark is the brother Hedgie doll made by DanDoll and imported to US by EFS Marketing.This darling doll is in new condition measuring about 8″ in height by 4″ in width. Fully jointed vinyl with eyes that open and close, topped with soft black bristle hair. Peter is dressed in cocoa brown cotton pants topped with a chocolate brown tunic and tied rope belt. Complete with original tube and paper banner… the tube packaging is in poor condition but will be included.

Meet the Hedgies

Mother Olag, Father Olav and their children Peter and Petra. Many people think Peter and Petra are twins, but if you ask Olga, she just smiles. (Perhaps she’s not quiet fluent with English yet.)

The Hedgies belong to a very special branch of the hedgehog family. In Scandinavia, they live in gardens, and protect plants by eating harmful bugs.

But that’s only part of why they’re special. The other part is their softer-than-silk hair. Petting it, as all Scandinavian boys and girls know, brings good luck.

Caring for Hedgies is easy. Just put them under a plant, and they get their own meals. (Peter and Petra are also quite fond of hot dogs and peanut butter.)

Then, whenever you need an extra bit of good luck, just give their hair a gentle pat ot two. They’ll be happy to help any way they can.

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