Piano 1×6 LEGO® Necklace emiko oye


Formal yet fun!

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Piano 1×6 LEGO® Necklace emiko oye will tickle the ivories and your fancy for black and white with this reware piano 1×6 necklace made from repurposed LEGO® and strung on sterling silver plated, nylon coated steel cable. The strong, rare earth magnetic closure means you’ll never have to fumble for the clasp.

Liven up that basic t-shirt or tunic with emiko-o’s Modern art-inspired, color-blocked 1×6 necklaces. Components of the center piece can be connected together or maintained to follow the subtle contours of the chest.

Model is wearing the Summer Lovin’ 1×6 Necklace.

2 ⅜” length x 1 ⅞” width x 5/16” depth, 20” cord length

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in


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