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Calamity Monster Doll Art by Marca Castillo is a strong and demanding type of personality. When she sets herself a goal there is nothing that can stand between her and achieving it. She loves things that are practical. And somehow working next to her seems to help things be more efficient and well done. Her love is Bash and together they make an incredible team! Calamity is 13” tall with hand cast resin head and wonderful long fingers. She has hand painted features and eyes. Her face has a all knowing scowl or smirk that makes you wonder what she knows that you don’t!? Her body is cloth and wire with a plump lil figure. Calamity wears a knitted sweater, hat and fingerless gloves with a dazzling black net tutu to complete the ensemble.

Calamity is in love with Bash and hopes you keep them together!

Every doll is handcrafted by Marca so each one has its own unique personality and look. The concept, clothing and painting are one of a kind for each doll. Sculpted parts are hand poured into a resin mold and hand finished.  Marca Castillo art dolls Bash & Calamity are wonderful fantasy dolls created by Marca in 2010.

Note: Artist bio and provenance included.


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Marca Castillo


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