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Bash Monster Art Doll by Marca Castillo is contrary to the common ogres who exploit and do nasty things to others! Bash is a gentle fellow with a distinct desire to help others. His name is Bash because at night, like a blunt instrument, he breaks down creative and emotional blocks thus liberating his owner’s mind and spirit. Bash is 14” tall with a wonderful ogre face proudly displaying one sharp rotten fang. His head and hands are hand cast resin and the body is cloth and wire. He sports a knit cap, fingerless gloves and a knit sweater with striped shorts. This wonderful creation is from the artists own private collection and is one of my favorites.

  Bash is in love with Calamity and would love to stay with her forever!

Every doll is handcrafted by Marca so each one has its own unique personality and look. The concept, clothing and painting are one of a kind for each doll. Sculpted parts are hand poured into a resin mold and hand finished.  Marca Castillo art dolls Bash & Calamity are wonderful fantasy dolls created by Marca in 2010.

Note: Artist bio and provenance included.


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Marca Castillo

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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