Howdy Doody from Peter Puppets


Oh, ho, ho, Howdy Doody …a TV favorite blast from the past!

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Howdy Doody from Peter Puppets is the all American boy version 16” tall with an early version of head. There is playwear on flannel outfit. Outfit is old but not sure if original for unable to document in any references. I have made a second outer red flannel outfit to protect original costume and give a brighter shelf appearance as well as boots. This is a 1950-1951 circa marionette from Peter Puppets with composition head and hands. He has lost his original composition boots.

Here is a step back to an  bygone era or a chance to fall in love with Howdy a new…  The Howdy Doody Show was on NBC from 1947 through 1960 and was the first show of the day. It was also the first television show to hit the 2000 episode mark. It ran for over 2300 episodes and had a profound effect on the kids of the fifties. The original Howdy marionette was designed by Frank Paris. When Paris left NBC, there were issues over merchandising and licensing that couldn’t be resolved, so a new Howdy was crafted. The “look” of this character was based on “the all-American boy” – complete with red hair, forty-eight freckles (one for each state), and a large smile.

 References: Twentieth Century Dolls by Johana Gast Anderton

16th Blue Book Dolls &Values by Jan Foulke

O’Briens Collecting Toys 12th Edition by Karen O’Brien pg 456

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Private collector- May 2010

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