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Italian Courtesan Flowering NoMonet earring are Vintage brass has been antiqued to a soft tarnished gold color that makes the details on the brass stand out.  The large filigree brass cap has been hand-painted.  Layers of brass petals decorate the underskirt to make these earrings resemble little brass flowers.  Brass bead caps decorate the top of the earring.  Colored crystals decorating the brass stamen and top of the earrings match the painted portion of the earrings. Steph King, an artist based in Ventura, CA, designs these delicate floral earrings from vintage brass filigree and Swarovski crystals. She hand paints the brass filigree with a resin based paint. Nature’s floral design is further emulated by stacked brass filigree petals and stamen decorated with Swarovski crystals.The primary components used in these earrings are obtained from U.S. Manufacturers who still create turn of the 20th century designed brass stampings. The parts, including leverback hooks, are made of solid brass that has been antiqued or silver plated and coated with clear polyurethane to protect. The designs altogether modern, with a soft vintage appeal are made for confident individualistic women.

These earrings hang approximately 2″ from their antiqued brass leverbacks and are gorgeous!


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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in


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