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Joy Fairy Doll Kruseling Kathe Kruse has brown, curly hair and brown eyes. She wears her red magic dress, boots, wings and her magic earphones. Her workaday outfit consists of a shirt, a denim skirt, a college jacket with white sneakers and a pair of red loose socks, and a sports bag. For her hair she brings her own hair brush.Doll made of high-quality vinyl, movable joints and lifelike glass eyes. Doll is 9”

Joy – Girl of Trust

Hi, I’m Joy! When not singing along to tunes on the streets of my hometown of New York City, I like to see if I can dance longer than Vera during her emergency dance parties! My friends say I have a bottomless supply of good humor and energy. I like to keep the positive attitude of the Kruselings team going strong! If someone is having a bad day, I help them work through it so we can get back to our responsibilities in the Dreamland. Though I prefer to respect people’s privacy, I can use my magic headphones to listen in on a person’s deepest secrets. But I never tell secrets to my parrot friend, Pippo. He talks too much!


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