Krampus With Doll Wood Ornament


Tis the season!

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Krampus with a doll is a wood laser cut ornament with a vintage devilish look fun for all your Krampus lovers trees! Has a metal bale that would perfect strung with a ribbon to make into a nice pendant. Ornament is 3″ tall

Who is Krampus? In Austria and across the German-speaking Alpine region, the demonic character is a crucial part of the holiday season. He’s a devilish figure, with long horns and a goaty beard, much like typical portrayals of Satan. You might see him posed harmlessly on a greeting card or reproduced in chocolates or figurines. But you might also encounter a procession of Krampuses stalking through the town, laden with bells and chains, intimidating onlookers or whipping them with bundles of sticks

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 in


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