Mondrian 1×6 LEGO® Necklace emiko oye


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Mondrian 1×6 LEGO® Necklace emiko oye

Mondrian 1×6 LEGO® Necklace emiko oye will let you access your inner Modern Artist in this Mondrian-inspired REWARE 1×6 necklace made from repurposed LEGO® and strung on sterling silver plated, nylon coated steel cable. The strong, rare earth magnetic closure means you’ll never have to fumble for the clasp. The pendant is one solid component attached with Argentium silver pins , so it’s reversible!

Liven up that basic t-shirt or tunic with emiko-o’s Modern art-inspired, color-blocked 1×6 necklaces. 

2” length x 1 ⅞” width x 5/16” depth, 18” cord length

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in


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