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Rhino TOBE Wood Endangered Animal is a wood décor piece as well as fun toy made in Poland. The endangered species not only deplete our natural environment, they also deprives our link with the nature. This ancient bond is frequently visible in traditional children’s toys representing animal figures.

The four animals created in this series are from different kinds of wood and made to express the relationship between the attributes of animals and qualities of humans.

Established in 1993 by Wojciech Bajor, an architect and set designer started Bajo toys as a local family business. Now BAJO is an innovative company built on the primary element of the sustainable resources and development. The Bajo factory is located in the scenic region at the foot of the Polish Carpathian Mountains which inspires the staff at Bajo to maintain sustainable solutions. Bajo strongly believes they must always take into consideration any far reaching consequences their actions may have during toy creation. It applies to all of their work, from the birth of their concepts and toy design, ending with the company’s waste policy.

In 2013 BAJO launched a new design collective, and called it “TOBE”. Tobe brings to market creatively-designed toys from multiple designers. Art Of Toys LOVES this quality wood line designed as well as produced in Poland. We have found adults love the toys for their desks and homes as much as children… discover your inner child with these beautiful heirloom art toys.

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