Vintage German Dutch Boy Immobile Doll



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 German  Dutch Boy with pipe is a wonderful lil doll at  2 ¼” tall and excellent paint including skin tones painted. The back is clearly marked in mold GERMANY down left side. The purple hat was painted all the way around but all the rest of paint detail was devoted to front. He is wearing  a double vested blouse complete with purple buttons, full baggy red pants and yellow wood shoes. Great attention to detail that is not seen in later pieces.

All-Bisque Antique Doll “Glossary of Doll Collecting”

by Denise Van Patten  

Definition: Doll, usually quite small (under 8″) that is made entirely of bisque parts. Most all-bisque dolls are from the late 1800s and early 1900s, to about 1930. Kestner and Simon and Halbig made many of these dolls; many other makers of generally lesser quality also did. Most of these dolls were made in Germany, but some very early exquisite dolls were made in France, and many crudely made later dolls were made in Japan. The dolls can be quite varied in style, with some having glass eyes, other painted eyes. Some all-bisque dolls are jointed at the neck, hips and shoulders; others are all-stationary, or only with joined arms.


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