Art Of Toys is proud to include artists from out the world that create their art in the form of toys. You will love discovering this art for your own collection from the precision of the kaleidoscope artist to the futuristic design of robot art. Click below to learn more about each artist and their gallery of work.


Oscar Ayotzintli

Stephanie Blythe

Selina Briggs

Rebecca Casey

Marca Castillo

Chris Cinder

Scott Cole

Dan Crowley

Garry Gay

Wendy Giminski

Robert Gordon

Steven Gray

Jon Greene

Margaux Lange

Suzanne Keolker

Lori Kirsch

Sheryl Koch

T. Oliver Kopian

Lisa Owens

emiko oye

Marilyn Radzat

Lori Riley

Mary Rowe

William Skiles & Lisa Stotska

Marc Tickle