Chesnik Kaleidoscope Signet by Jon Greene


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Chesnik Kaleidoscope Signet by Jon Greene is a large Signet Agate with a expanded two-mirror system, made with a black mat on the third side, creating a round image at the end of a black tunnel. Each tube starts as raw brass which is buffed to a high polish and coated with a hard, tarnish free surface. This scope is a 11”L, 2”brass diameter tube with two 4” diameter wheels: one of Brazilian agate, and one of textured dichroic glass. Expanded two-mirror systems are made with the third side the third side as a mirror, creating a round image surrounded by more of the same. Each scope contains a +250 strength magnifying lens for a clear and shaper image. A beautiful curved 11” high hand finished walnut wood pedestal holds the kaleidoscope. Also available in black -email for ship time. Signed by Jon Greene

There are several details which make every Chesnik kaleidoscope special.

-They seem to amplify light. Even indoors, the image inside a Chesnik kaleidoscope is

bright and lively.

-Kaleidoscope is made 2 mirrors. It is fun to explore the difference 1 mirror can make. -_Collectable and fun. If you have two Chesnik ‘scopes, you can get one with 2 mirror

optics and the other with 3 mirror optics. and different wheel designs- You can switch

them around.

-The wheels feature unique designs. The fiesta wheel is made from millefiori glass the

Chesniks make themselves.

-The brass tubes and wheel parts have a lifetime no-tarnish finish. exact duplications. The finish on this scope will not tarnish for years of enjoyment.

Terri Note:

When I started exploring the kaleidoscope world the name “Chesnik Scopes” came up over and over as one of the leaders in the field. I am proud to present them here. This is one of the nicest of the scopes by Jon Greene the Chesnik artist and owner!

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