Fairy Doll Artist Lisa Owens Lady Odharnait


One of a kind fairy sculpted by MidDreamer’s artist Lisa Owens in Polymer clay is Lady Odharnait!


Fairy Doll Artist Lisa Owens Lady Odharnait is a beautiful fairy doll creation by Lisa Owens. Lady Odharnait created by Midsummer Dreams artist Lisa Owens is peacefully sleeping dreaming of sharing honey and juicy berries with the Fairy prince… or not!¬† Lady Odharnait, pronounced (OHR-nat) is One Of A Kind¬† polymer clay creation handsculpted with mohair wig and clear dipped wings that have been hand colored. Lisa Owens fairy doll art is a wonderful surprise!

Lady Odharnait is 5.5 long

Terri tidbits! I love investing in new young artists and watching their craft grow be one of the early birds with this artist!

For more info on Lisa click below!

Lisa Owens



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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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