Jah Man Monster Art by Terri Rehg


Temporarily on loan to Morris Graves Museum Textile Show until Jan 10

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Jah Man Monster Art by Terri Rehg is an original one of a kind creation from  the laboratory of quirky Terri Rehg. You will love the scary yet cuteness of this oh so cool guy with his long dreads and intense eyes. Watch out for those fingers that are oh so long.  He is fully jointed hand-stitched canvas artwork with glass marble eyeballs that can be rolled for a new look. Jah Man Monster  is the second creation in  the monster gaggle of   one-of-a-kind monsters for Terri Rehg in her series of monochrome creatures. Hey mannn!

22″ inches Long

Artist Statement: Discovering the faces that live within the canvas with the stroke of a needle is a journey with each piece created. It all starts with the eyes and builds from there and magically a new creature is born. The series in gray was first conceptualized as a canvas piece to paint on but so much came from the stark gray that the series continues to grow each piece totally different and unique.

This is artwork not meant for children play! 

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 8 in


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